Hey there, Freelancer!

Are you ready to grow and scale your service-based business beyond the day-to-day tasks of working with clients?

If you are a online service provider who feels like your days revolve around client work, you've reached your income cap because you're trading time for money, you're not sure what to do next to continue to grow your business...

Working with a business coach can help you gain the clarity and develop the strategy you need to take your business to new heights!

👉Maybe you're struggling with balancing delivering your services to clients and marketing your business.

👉Maybe you're fully booked and want to start hiring team members so you can continue to grow.

👉Maybe you want to be able to take a step back and STILL generate income.

👉Maybe you need a second pair of eyes on your business and a coach in your corner to gain clarity on the direction of your business.

That's where I can help 😘

Hey, friend! I'm Samantha!

I am the no BS, and sometimes loud, voice behind samanthastemarie.com and Freelancing For Freedom, an online learning community that helps driven and ambitious people, just like you, build profitable businesses right from the comfort of their homes!

Not only that...

I'm known for my "telling it how it is" method that helps my clients go from being on the hamster wheel of constantly serving clients to stepping into their true role of CEO!

Doesn't that just sound amazing?!

​I Have truly built my dream freelancing business that allows me to work on projects I love and serve clients, while also taking days off when I feel like it and generating revenue without having to be sitting in front of my laptop all the time.

I'm here to help you do the same! That is... if you're ready to become a TRUE CEO! If not... don't worry, we'll get you there!

Want to step into your CEO role? Then Scale to CEO is waiting for you!


Imagine if...

  • You got to wake up every single morning to a business that could successfully run without you being IN IT all the time.
  • You knew how to continue to generate leads while ALSO serving your clients. #finding balance.
  • You could confidently manage a one, or multiple, team members who work IN your business so you can work ON your business.
  • You could take a Tuesday off to go and get your nails done only to hear that CHA-CHING on your phone because you're making money AWAY from your laptop.
  • You had a healthy and sustainable business that could keep growing and stand the test of time so you can continue to have the freedom you love... and deserve.


A 1:1 Coaching experience for service-based business owners who are looking to take their businesses to THE👏 NEXT👏 LEVEL👏!

Here's what some of my past students are saying...

Here are two ways that you can work with me inside of the Scale to CEO 1:1 Coaching Program!

Six-Month Business Coaching

Are you struggling to grow your business beyond the day-to-day tasks of working with clients?

What can often happen is that we get so caught up in the client work that we forget, or simply can't, make time for the other things we want to do in our businesses.

You can serve clients every hour of the day and make a good living, BUT you'll always be serving clients. If you want more, I can help get you there!

Whether it's hiring a team member to keep growing, adding in digital products so you can generate passive income, finally achieving a healthy balance between client work and YOUR business...

I've got you! You can take your business to the next level without adding more hours to your day. Let's make it happen!

Your six-month coaching program includes:

  • Three one-hour coaching calls per month via Zoom
  • Recordings of all video calls so you can re-watch at your leisure
  • Access to my signature program, Freelancing For Freedom, for the duration of your coaching ($57/month value)
  • Continuous access to me through Voxer (both voice and text)

If you're ready to step into your CEO role, then apply below! Spots are limited!

1-Time Coaching + Strategy Session

Are you looking for a one-time coaching session that will help you gain clarity, overcome mindset blocks, establish long-term goals, and the strategies you need to obtain those goals?

In this 90 minute video call, we will go deep into your business to understand your services, ideal clients, current attraction/lead generation strategy, and set goals for the future.

By the end of the call, you will have a clear understanding of your business goals and the necessary steps and strategies you need to establish in order to achieve those goals.

Prior to the coaching call, you will fill out a thorough intake form that will allow me to familiarize myself with your business. I want to make the absolute most of our time together.

Your 90 minute coaching call includes:

  • 90 minute video call via Zoom
  • My notes from the call, which will include what we talked about and your next steps moving forward
  • Recording of your 90 minute coaching call so you can re-watch it at your leisure
  • A copy of your intake form so you can refer to it as you make decisions and work towards your goals

There are only four 90 minute sessions available per month. So, don't wait to apply for yours!